Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

  • Kitting, sub-assembly, labeling, POP display assembly, repackaging, and other custom services
  • On-time, tight schedule fulfillment and delivery
  • Dedicated pick-up and delivery areas for UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Monitored fire-suppression system
  • 24/7 security with video monitoring
  • Approximately 200,000 square feet of secure warehousing space
  • Carrier selection, price negotiation and management
  • Inbound and outbound freight management
  • Accurate product receipt and location system

In the strictest sense, “fulfillment” is about moving a physical object from Point A to Point B. At Ritway, however, we choose to see it in a broader context; one that includes the fulfillment of a vision, of an idea, of a business strategy, of a larger goal. So let’s talk about where you’re going; there may be a better path, a better map…a Ritway of doing things.

Fulfillment And Distribution

Orders can be received, fulfilled and shipped from our warehouse. Placement of orders will be managed electronically through e-commerce, via e-mail to a specified e-mail address or by fax.

Orders can be shipped using the carrier of your choice and charged via third party to your company account or shipped using Ritway’s carriers on our account. Standard turn time once orders are received is 24 business hours if the order is received no later than 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Storage And Warehouse

Ritway maintains warehouse space of 225,000+ square feet. Your inventory can be securely and safely stored 24 hours a day. (As a measure of protection, video monitors are placed throughout all warehouse areas.)

Storage can be charged by the pallet or by cubic foot depending on your needs. Storage is billed on a monthly basis. Each item in storage is assigned a unique location number in our operation system.

Cross Docking

Same-day turn time for cross-docking material will be provided.

Video Library Asset Storage

Climate controlled video storage is available to meet industry standards.

Kitting Pick And Pack And Assembly

Orders arriving before 3 pm EST ship the same day–though if we can we ship later arrivals we will. Rush services are always available if the shipping carriers have not yet arrived.

Packing is just as important as picking. Your items will be packed to arrive in the best possible condition. We pack as efficiently and as lightly as possible, saving you shipping costs.

Our pick/pack services include: Business-to-business, business-to-consumer and e-commerce.

Packing of Sales Collateral
Ritway specializes in packing sales/marketing collateral materials, collating and kitting on demand.

Sourcing Pos/Pop

Ritway can source both POS and POP materials as needed, using established relationships with numerous suppliers experienced in working with both small and large (Fortune 100) companies—handling everything from apparel, to print, to specialty merchandise. We also have established partnerships with creative agencies and resources when there’s a need to go deeper into creative development.

Inventory Management

All inventory items are set up in our inventory/order management system and given a unique “Location Bin ID.” These Location Bin IDs help us organize your inventory by program for efficient picking. Additional stock is stored above and adjacent to the bin area and clearly marked with the Picking Bin ID for easy reload.

Your items are integrated into our “Cycle Count” program to ensure accurate inventory quantities on a daily basis, not just at annual physical inventory.

Our inventory-based accuracy numbers are currently in the 99.97% range.

Order Management

Specific Packaging
Program/event-specific labeling and packaging, which we provide, fosters higher attention and use for marketing materials sent and received.

Tracking And Tracing
Tracking reports for shipments will be provided, usually the day after the shipment has left our facility. POD’s can be provided as needed. Claims for lost or damaged packages can be filed with the appropriate carrier. Call tags can be issued as needed.

“I know our materials will always arrive to our clients on time and accurately because they’ve been fulfilled by Ritway’s team.”

- Suzanne M. DeZego, PhD, Catapult Learning -