Program Management

Program Management

Managing branded premiums, freshening game displays, distributing sales kits with three dozen items, stewarding displays, or wrangling unusual merchandise from an out-of-the-way place — it’s all in our warehouse, along with planning and long-range management of projects. We handle the management of your program — from inception through in-market delivery – as if it were our own so you can focus on your core business.

project management

An account manager dedicated to your project or program allows the convenience of a single point of contact who will act on your behalf with all of the departments at Ritway to meet your needs and goals.

  • Reporting and Data Analytics
    Customized reports will be provided to meet your company’s needs – daily, weekly, montly, or quarterly. Analysis of each project at its completion can also be provided to gauge success and pivot into planning.
  • Forecasting and Planning
    Data analysis is available, along with team planning, to assist in the forecasting and structuring of your next project.

Customer Support

Personalized 800 numbers and dedicated e-mail accounts can be provided to serve your customer’s needs. Live staff support is currently available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (excluding major holidays).

Procurement And Vendor Management

Ritway can use the vendor of your choice or find a vendor whose materials meet your project requirements, then manage that relationship on your behalf. Samples can be sent for approval as needed.

  • Premium Sourcing and Management
    Ritway will source any premiums you need and manage the inventory.

“Ritway customer service is first class with prompt, efficient response to my specific needs.”

- Laverne Harley, Liberty Coca-Cola -